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Kelly Spitzer: Writer Profile Project

From Kelly Spitzer, currently with Smokelong Quarterly:

“Starting on March 1st, I will be launching the Writer Profile Project. Each profile will consist of approximately ten questions posed to writers at various stages in their careers. During the series, you will meet editors of literary magazines, novelists, poets, and a wide variety of up and coming authors in all genres. I expect the series to run through the end of the year, so check back often for new profiles.”

Profiles to date: Mary Akers, Hobart editor Aaron Burch, Kathy Fish, Alicia Gifford, Ellen Meister, Fleur Bradley, SmokeLong Quarterly founder Dave Clapper, Ann Walters (Sharon Hurlbut), Jason Makansi, Mary Miller, Jeff Landon, Jason Shaffner, NO

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