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Iron Horse NaPoMo Issue

crazy-horse-napomo-2015Two aspects of the annual Crazy Horse NaPoMo issue (17.2) caught my attention. The first was the editor’s note in which Carrie Jerrell comments on the annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference and compares attending this event to writing poetry. Really. Read her comments in full here.

The second was just the titles of some of the poems in the table of contents. These would grab the attention of even the most reluctant poetry reader: “For Sale: Positive Pregnancy Test, Used”; “The Morning Police Found You in a Green Recycling Bin”; “Encounter in East Coker”; “Looking for God in a Panel of Stained Glass”; “Your Presence Was the Question”; “A Kite Addresses Benjamin Franklin”; “Eighteen Photos of Me Holding Up a Boulder”; “[If You are Squeamish]”; “We Were Warned” – and many more.

The poems behind these titles do not disappoint, though the Crazy Horse NaPoMo issue never has!

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