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Introducing Write the World

write-the-worldWrite the World is a new start-up writing site focused on high school writers. Founded by a group formed out of Harvard’s graduate school of Ed, Write the World is an online platform for students to publish their work, engage with peers around the world, provide and receive feedback. The site also features a great set of tools for teachers to enhance writing instruction in the classroom.

Write the World seeks participants for a variety of community roles: Student Consultants; Teacher Advisory Board Members; and from time to time Write the World recruits teachers, retired teachers, and college/university students as reviewers to provide expert feedback on student writing.

Write the Word holds competitions which pay winning young writers, but also offer expert review for those submitted by early dates. Helpful guidelines are provided for each contest to give young writers a clear context for their ideas.

Ash was the winner of the recently concluded New Year Competition with her piece, “The Trouble With This Year,” which begins: “There was something about this year. What was it? Oh yeah, the universe wanted to kill me. Or just drive me insane. Possibly both. Oh, right, intros. I’m Trouble, and don’t get any ideas: I’m not giving you my birth name. I’m a Federal Alchemist, so as far as the military is concerned, the codename is my real name. Either way, it fits.”

The next contest is for an op-ed piece on the subject of “Selfie-Reflection.” Early deadline for feedback is March 9; final deadline in March 17. The competition will be judged by Ben Shattuck.

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