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Interview :: Judy Norsigian: Our Bodies, Oursleves

“When a small group of women published the first edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves in the early seventies, it was one of those books young women hid the book from their parents and husbands. Jerry Farwell called it ‘obscene trash.’ Recently, Time Magazine named it one of the best non-fictions books of the 20th century. No matter how you reacted, there’s no mistaking it was a ground breaking book, one that’s now considered iconic.”

Bob Barrett interviews Judy Norsigian, Executive Director of Our Bodies, Ourselves, on WAMC Northeast Public Radio’s The Health Show (#1274). You can listen online or go to their podcast page to subscribe on iTunes.

For those of us who remember hiding the book and sneaking reads of it, and for those of you who could never imagine such a time, this is an interview well worth a listen as Norsigian talks of the importance of women’s health issues forty years ago when the book was first published and what has and hasn’t changed in our society today.

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