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Hayden’s Ferry Publishes Online Content

Hayden’s Ferry Review says that every month, they receive hundreds of quality submissions (“ambitious, relevant, and emotionally moving”), but they are saddened by the fact that their print journal only allows for a small fraction of them to be published. In an attempt to remedy this situation, they have decided to create an online portion of their journal, for “writing that is timely, writing that excites us, writing that challenges our preconceived notions of form, writing that we just can’t wait to share with the world,” the write.

They call it “The Dock.” Here is the explanation: “A dock is a safe space to rest between journeys, and it is also a means of connection. We hope that this special section of the blog will serve both of these purposes.” Currently, there is one piece up there for July, Mark Dostert’s “The Saint of 3F,” which you can read now.

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