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Hawthorne-Dzanc Merger

dzanc-booksHawthorne Books has announced a merger with Dzanc Books. As of June 1, 2015 Hawthorne is an imprint of Dzanc. The merger allows both houses to maintain their own individual editorial vision while working together on select projects. In addition to having offices in Ann Arbor and New York, a publicity center for both presses will be headquartered at Hawthorne’s Portland, Oregon office, and Rhonda Hughes will serve as Dzanc’s Director of Marketing and Publicity. Dzanc and Hawthorne are distributed by PGW.

Steven Gillis, publisher and co-founder of Dzanc says about the deal, “I could not be more pleased. Having worked with Rhonda and her staff prior for my own writing, I know what a level of excellence and professionalism she brings to the table. Providing Hawthorne with what Dzanc can offer, and in turn allowing Dzanc authors to avail themselves to Rhonda’s magic as a marketer and publisher, is a perfect partnership that enables both houses to expand and become a real force for our authors in the industry.”

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