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GT Advice for Writers Publications

In addition to their quarterly publication of stories, Glimmer Train also publishes two writers newsletters: Writers Ask, a print quarterly of “useful techniques, informed perspectives, and inspired nudges” on select topics. For example, Writers Ask Issue 57 includes comments by writers and writing teachers on: Forms, How Reading Shapes Writing, Place and Setting, Publishers and Agents, as well as the Focus piece: “Reverse Storyboarding” by Cathy Day.

The second quarterly newsletter is a monthly e-bulletin which regularly features essays on writing. Anyone can sign up for the bulletin here and have it delivered to an e-mail address. The September 2012 Bulletin #68 includes:

Karen Brown: The Story That Will Not Write Itself

Joe Bunting: Eight Writing Techniques to Win You a Pulitzer

Stefani Nellen: Things to Do in German When You’re Bored

Sybil Baker: Writing the Unfamiliar: Incorporating Different Cultures and Lands in Your Fiction

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