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Graphic Journalism :: Women’s International Labor

In August of 2013, the independent news publication Truthout‘s graphic journalism column Ladydrawers began a yearlong investigation into women’s international labor, primarily through the global garment and sex trades. It began with fashion (“Fast Fashion”) as “one of the largest employer of women worldwide as well as one of most significant ways through which sexuality is expressed, in the US and around the world. Fast fashion, in particular: cheap, cute, disposable threads on which we spend about $1,700 per year.”

Other columns in this series include: “Thin Line Between Garment and Sex ‘Trades'” (Anne Elizabeth Moore, Ellen Lindner and Melissa Gira Grant); “It’s the Money, Honey” (Anne Elizabeth Moore and Ellen Lindner); “A Very Small Satisfaction”: An interview with Oscar-Nominated Rithy Panh on Cambodia’s Missing Pictures (Anne Elizabeth Moore); “The Business of Thrift” (Anne Elizabeth Moore and Julia Gfr

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