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Going Beyond Georgia

GeorgiaReviewAmericans Curiously Abroad is the feature in the Fall 2014 issue of The Georgia Review. Now in its 68th year of publication, Editor Stephen Corey comments on the publication’s long-standing “aspiration” to “not be a Georgia review,” but rather, as Founding Editor Donald Wade noted: “. . . Georgians are, or should be, interested in everything, everywhere.” In this issue, The Georgia Review brings readers “a quintet of diverse essays [Corey] can almost guarantee will take you to a number of places you’ve never been or, in some cases, every thought of or even known existed.”

The special feature includes: Kate Harris “Lands of Lost Borders”; Jeff Gundy “The Other Side of Empire”; Adriana Páramo “My Timbuktu”; Anne Goldman “Travels with Jane Eyre”; Jeffrey Meyers “Ian Watt and the River Kwai.” Click here for full list of the issue’s contents. 

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