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Glass Kite Summer Writing Studio

glass-kite-2Glass Kite Anthology‘s Summer Writing Studio for Young Writers is accepting applications until June 27. According to Glass Kite Anthology Founders and Editors-in-Chief Margaret Zhang and Noel Peng, this is a free, online writing studio for high/middle schoolers, intended to guide, inspire, and mentor young writers of prose and poetry during the summer months.

The program mentors are experienced young writers who are Foyle Young Poets, Scholastic Art & Writing Award Recipients, California Arts Scholars, and more. Each will choose up to 3 mentees with whom they will work for at least four (cumulative) weeks; after that, other arrangements can be made between the pairs, if it is desired.

For more information and to fill out an application, click here. The application is a google.doc, so you can access it on the GKA site if you are using Google Chrome as your browser. Otherwise, you have to log in to Google to access the application.

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