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Gigantic’s First Issue

The first issue of Gigantic is out, and it indeed holds up to its name (or rather, needs to be held up). This puppy is big, but in a fun-to-read-on-the-bus sort of way, and I imagine the superlarge, four-color image by Nat Russel of dancing cowboys is going to end up decorating a lot of walls.

Fiction by Kenny Aquiles, Dan Bevacqia, Ben Blum, Matt Di Paoli, Douglas Elsass, Howard Good, Yuka Igarashi, Derek Johnson, Shane Jones, Kristen O’Toole, Ed Park, Pedro Ponce, Lauren Spohrer, Justin Taylor, Adm Wilson and Anya Yurchyshyn; Dialogues with Malcolm Gladwell, Tao Lin, Garry Shteyngart, Deb Olin Unferth, and Joe Wenderoth; Artwork by Joanna Neborsky, Andrew Bulger, Mark Hewko, Jerome Jakubiec, Kevin Kwan, Thomas Pierce, Nat Russell, Erin Grey West, James J. Williams III, Todd Zuniga.

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