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Getting the BANG!

RogerBonairAgardTNGThe independent print literary review, The New Guard, has a unique monthly featured entitled BANG! Run as a kind of contest, BANG! showcases individual authors for one month. Each author installment is made up of three pieces in any combination: poetry shorts (20 lines) or fiction or nonfiction (500 words each) for thirty days. Bang! pieces are not published in The New Guard; the work is meant to be very short—flash-short—so that the pieces on Bang! serve as a kind of calling card for the author. Bang! installments run from the first to the first of every month. Writers are invited to submit their previously unpublished works for this feature year round.

The October BANG! author is native of Trinidad & Tobago, Cave Canem fellow, and author of three full length collections of poetry, Roger Bonair-Agard. He is an invited contributor. Former BANG! authors include Alexandra Oliver, Mike Heppner, Marc Mewshaw, Timothy Dyke, Marcia Popp, Quenton Baker and Lissa Kiernan.

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