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Free Stuff :: The Best of the Rag

the-ragIf you’re looking to read from an independent, writing a bit on the gritty and grimy side, cutting-edge, and fresh – all words Editors Seth Porter and Dan Reilly use to describe The Rag, then you’ll want to get The Best of The Rag for free! Here are gathered 11 of the editors’ favorite stories from first five issues of The Rag. Download The Best of The Rag here, available in three different formats: PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Cover and featured art by Alex Eckman-Lawn.

The Rag editors encourage good reading, and for writers who are considering submitting, “it’s always wise to first read some of the material we’ve published in the past, so you can get a feel for the tone of our magazine. So before you commit to submitting, grab this free issue. We accept submissions online via Submittable and through the regular mail.”

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