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Film :: Pray the Devil Back to Hell

“The inspiring new documentary, Pray the Devil Back to Hell is the African story we know too well: a bloody civil war devastates the nation. Women and girls are brutally raped, children’s limbs hacked off, ethnic violence by gangs of drug-fueled boys, one against the other, rips across the country. But this time, with a remarkable ending we could not have predicted. Women band together, across religions and ethnicities, to form a peace movement. Peace, they insist. Peace, they demand, with mothers’ firmness against errant boys. With nothing but white ‘Peace’ T-shirts and gritty courage, they stare down the guns and the threats, and transform Liberia. It is shameful that the American press, of which I am a member, did not report this important story as it happened. I guess we were too busy covering Britney Spears.” The Daily Beast

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