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Fig Tree Books Expands to YA

Fig Tree Books, “Publishing the Best Novels & Memoirs of the American Jewish Experience (AJE),” has announced that it is now accepting AJE memoirs and young-adult and graphic-novel manuscripts in addition to literary novels.

fig-tree-booksFredric Price, founder and publisher of Fig Tree said, “We typically describe ‘American’ as dealing with the people or institutions of the United States; this does not mean that the protagonist must be a citizen or that the action must take place exclusively within our country. But the book needs to be grounded in American values, culture or history and American readers need to be able to identify with the characters and the story. For us, the ‘Jewish experience’ means engaging with what it means to be a Jewish American, or how one goes about his or her life practicing (or denying) his/her Judaism, or how one copes with Jewish identity, or deals with social/political/cultural issues associated with being Jewish or interactions between/among Jews and other groups.”

Fig Tree accepts agented and unrepresented manuscripts and pay competitive advances and standard royalties. All of their books will be available in print and e-format, and promoted using a combination of traditional and social media approaches.

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