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Driftwood Interviews Included

driftwood press 24Some lit mags are able to feature a writer or two by providing an interview with authors whose works appear in the issue. For Driftwood Press Literary Magazine, amazingly, this ‘feature’ is standard.

Every contributor has the opportunity to include answers to some questions: When did you write this piece? What inspired this piece? Are any of its themes inspired by your own life? What part of this piece was conceived of first? Is there anything unique about your personal writing process? Who are some of your favorite authors? Which authors influenced this piece? What drew you to Driftwood Press?

In addition to a number of stock questions, there are also some which are tailored to the author or to the selected work, showing good editorial/interviewer sensibilities in eliciting information of interest to readers.

This is a remarkable feature in any magazine, adding informative and educational content to the reading. For writers looking for insight into the craft of other writers, and for readers looking for insight into their analysis and interpretation, a magazine full of these interviews is a boon. This is a publication I would recommend highly to teachers looking for accessible (and FREE) resources for students both in writing and literature courses. Getting a full scope of contemporary literature in a single source doesn’t get much better than this.

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