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Craft Essays :: On Writing Series

rob-mclennanOn Writing: An Occassional Series curated by rob mclennan [pictured] on the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter blog celebrates two years of publishing craft essays by writers. Some recent posts include:

Sarah Burgoyne : a series of permissions-givings
Anne Fleming : Funny
Julie Joosten : On Haptic Pleasures: an Avalanche, the Internet, and Handwriting
David Dowker : Micropoetics, or the Decoherence of Connectionism
Renée Sarojini Saklikar : No language exists on the outside. Finders must venture inside.
Ian Roy : On Writing, Slowly
Monica Kidd : On writing and saving lives
Robert Swereda : Why Bother?

mclennan is planning forthcoming new essays by Catherine Owen, Peter Richardson, Sky Gilbert, Priscila Uppal, Carolyn Marie Souaid, Angie Abdou, Arjun Basu, Laisha Rosnau, Gail Scott and George Fetherling.

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