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Committing Theft with Tin House Issue 65

tinhouse-v17-n1-fall-2015The newest issue of Tin House focuses on the theme of Theft. Kevin Young “looks at how thievery is done well (Bob Dylan) and not so well (Jonah Lehrer).” Mary Ruefle and Erika Metiner take and take apart writing in their erasure poetry and Sarah Dohrmann revisits the 1982 kidnapping of John David Gosch.

From the editor’s note:

We sent out a call for short essays about memorable thefts, and it is an honor to have the call answered by the doyen of crime writers, Mary Higgins Clark, alongside Alissa Nutting, George Singleton, and Laura Lippman.

And it’s only appropriate that Martin Wittfooth’s “Loot Bag” dons the cover of this issue: a pelican with its bill filled with the stolen treasures of trash and childhood toys.

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