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CFS :: New World Literature Journal

alexandra-berlinaFounded by Alexandra Berlina, Department of American Studies, University of Duisburg-Essen, Readings: A Journal for Scholars and Readers is accepting submissions for its inaugural issue.

“Readings is a new peer-reviewed journal in literary studies intended to be read by both scholars and the general public. Like other journals, we look for academic quality and originality. Unlike most, we also care for high readability and the potential interest of literature-loving non-scholars. We welcome submissions on all aspects of world literature (be it canonical or contemporary, children’s, ‘genre’ or ‘literary’ fiction), including the interplay of literature and other media as well as issues of translation and reception. Imagine a friend who loves literature but is no scholar as your ideal reader. To put it more grandly: our idea of a Perfect Paper hovers between PMLA and The New Yorker.”

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