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Call for Poems :: Broadsided Groundsourced Anthology

From the Editorial Team at Broadsided:

broadsided-vectorWe hope you are feeling deeply connected to the things in your lives for which you are grateful. Among our many gratitudes is that Broadsided is a responsive entity, developing its interactions with the world as situations arise. The events in Ferguson, Missouri have, as we all know, radiated outward to touch upon deep issues in American culture. Race, power, violence, justice, and questions of how we can create and maintain a society that is just and safe for all its citizens.

We have seen powerful poems offered in response–by writers of those poems themselves and also by those looking for voices to help them speak. We want to help gather and honor those voices. To do so, we have launched a new initiative: Groundsourced Anthologies.

We want you to tell us what poems have been meaningful to you in relation to Ferguson. We want you to share them on our Tumblr page so that others can see the chorus of words available to them as they grapple.

Visit this link, scroll to see what’s there, and add your voice:


You don’t need to “join” Tumblr to share or view.

With Thanks,

The Broadsided Editorial Team

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