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Broadsided Seeks Syrian Submissions

JaniceRedman-BuoyancySeriesThe editors at Broadsided Press continually act on their belief that art and literature belong in our daily lives and that they inspire and demonstrate the vitality and depth of our connection with the world. Their latest effort is no exception to this. They write, “We have watched the news and images of people fleeing, in a large part, war in Syria (the Syrian Civil War)—nearly four million individuals—and the complicated reception of those refugees globally.”

Acting on this event, the editors hope to help writers and artists collaborate to create action outreach. “Five Broadsided Press artists have provided images they’ve created that, for them, speak to the Syrian refugees in a wide sense. We also reached out to artists abroad, and the Syrian artist Moustafa Jacoub offered one of his pieces. We now ask you to respond with words.” [Pictured: Janice Redman, “Buoyancy Study”]

If your piece is chosen, the editors will have a short question or two to ask you about your process and will ask for a photo of your collaboration up in your community. The broadsides will also be available for others to download and post in their communities as well.

The images and specific guidelines for submission can be found on the Broadsided website here. Deadline for submission is October 25, 2015.

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