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Books :: Yes, We Are Still Dancing

Yes, We Are Still Dancing is the collaborative work of Susan Amstater, artist, Connie Dillman, artist, and Jacquelyn Stroud Spier, poet. The book is a project published in partnership with the Frontera Women’s Foundation (FWF), El Paso, Texas, dedicated to increasing resources and expanding opportunities for women, girls and their families who reside along the U.S./Mexico border. The mission of FWF is to improve the conditions and status of these women by fostering positive social and economic change through education, economic empowerment, improved health, and safety in their communities. All profits from this publication will be used to fund an arts and culture endowment to support those pursuing arts in the Borderland.

This is a gorgeous book (11 x 11 format; glossy throughout), published by Fresco Fine Art Publications in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Every page is full bleed with full, vibrant colors in a range of subject, from families to landscapes to fish, flowers, and fruit, as well as a range of mediums that makes each turn of the page a fascinating new discovery. The poetry is infused throughout in a symbiotic relationship with the art – but don’t be thinking of light “gift book” poetry here. While some of it is joyful and some humorous and sweet, there’s also some grit in here, some grief, and some final lines that will keep readers staring at the words and images deep in thought. There are also poems written in Spanish with English translations provided at the back of the book.

There are several versions of the book available for purchase, each in a limited run with its own level of cost. The collectors first edition includes signed archival mounted and framed original artwork from the book, a linen hard-cover book w/linen slip cover, and is signed by all three artists. The deluxe first edition includes linen hard-cover book with linen slip cover (signed by all three artists). A linen hard-cover first edition, a flex bound first edition, and a soft-cover first edition are also available.

Any one of these would certainly make a great gift for yourself or someone else, and provide support for a worthwhile effort.

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