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New Moon is a magazine edited by girls 8-14. It promotes itself as an “Ad-free, imaginative, multicultural bimonthly magazine that girls, parents and educators love” and touts six Parents’ Choice Gold Awards for best children’s magazine. New Moon News is the companion blog for this publication, and if the thought of it being for “girls” makes you think of ponies, pink, and trite rhyming poetry, then you need an attitude adjustment by taking a look at this blog. The first three entries cover lowering the voting age to 16, a look at suffragists who changed history and recognition of Woman’s Equality Day, and discrimination and hate toward LGBT students. Other post topics have included activism, body image and inner beauty, letters to congress, and politics. Not the age-old sugar and spice and everything nice, this is not only a great blog for “grrls” but for adults as well.

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