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Bellevue Literary Review Honors Jill Caputo & Prize Winners

The latest issue of Bellevue Literary Review (v11 n1) features the winners of the 2011 BLR Prize. Jill Caputo, whose fiction received an honorable mention, died in August of 2010. In the foreword, Editor-in-Chief Danielle Ofri recounts the prize selection process and discovery of the sad news; BLR‘s decision came five weeks after Caputo’s death, and they had no way to know until attempting to contact her to congratulate her. Jill Caputo’s family gave permission for the publication of her story, and BLR has dedicated this issue in her memory.

Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, judged by Marie Ponsot
Winner: “Sinkhole” by Janet Tracy Landman
Honorable Mention: “Climacteric” by Cynthia Neely

Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, judged by Andre Dubus III
Winner: “But Now Am Found” by Patti Horvath
Honorable Mention: “Winston Speaks” by Jill Caputo*

Burns Archive Prize for Nonfiction, judged by Jerome Groopman, MD
Winner: “The Tag” by Elizabeth Crowell

The annual BLR Prizes award outstanding writing related to themes of health, healing, illness, the mind, and the body. The contest is open each year from February 1 – July 1.

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