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Beer Alert :: Support NewPages Blog

In keeping with our fellow literary web sites that tout their own “donate” buttons and mimic government terroist alerts when their need grows (yellow, orange, red), we felt it was only fair that we make our own request for support. But, as is often asked: What exactly is the money for? Do you really need the money to support your operations? We have been open and honest about exactly how your contribution will be spent: on beer. It is, after all, a major part of what keeps NewPages operational, and as main blogger, I can attest, it certainly would motivate my continued efforts. No donation is too small – since even a dollar can be put in the kitty to get a six-pack from the corner party store, though a true “pint” at our local brewery is about $3. If you really want to show your love, $5 refills one of our growlers on Tuesday nights. What a deal. The pint pictured is one of our favorite varieties – IPA -just click on it to donate through PayPal. We’re just trying to devise our own alert system of showing the level going down and issuing a “Foam Alert” when we’re staring at an empty glass.

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