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Barely South 2015 Craft Issue

old-dominion-universityBarely South Review 2015 Craft Issue online features interviews with artists, writers, and educators who participated in the Old Dominion University’s 37th Annual Literary Festival, October 2014. Managing Editor Michael Alessi writes, “The theme of this year’s festival was ‘The Hungry Heart is Telling You.’ Taken together, these interviews . . . form an expansive interrogation of what it means to devote yourself to a life in writing.”

The contents include:

The Making of a Writer/Chef: An Interview with Michael Ruhlman
Creative Eats: An Interview with Dr. Delores B. Philips
Those Who Stay and Those Who Roam: Annia Ciezadlo on Private Life and the Collision of War in the Middle East
Grappling with Seams: An Interview with Tarfia Faizullah
An Interview with Philip Raisor
An Interview with Playwright Brian Silberman
A Voice in Two Worlds: An Interview with Dr. Luisa Igloria
An Interview with Sasha Pimentel
Documenting Herstories: An Interview with Sarah Lightman
Food, Writing, and the Land of Zenobia: An Interview with Kate Christensen
Jane Hirshfield’s Poems Write Their OkCupid Profile
8 Questions, 2 Coffees, and 1 Voice: A Morning with Tara Shea Burke

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