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Awards :: Bellingham Review Lit Contest Winners

The Bellingham Review has announced the winners of their 2008 literary contests:

The Annie Dillard Award in Creative Nonfiction
Final Judge: Steven Kuusisto

First Place: Lauren Smith Traore, “The Widow’s Tale”
Runner Up: Ona Gritz
Finalists: Mardi Link, Anisse Gross, Natalie Serber, Cate Hennessey, Kay Sather, Liz Stephens

The 49th Parallel Award in Poetry
Final Judge: Aimee Nezhukumatathil

First Place: Kaveh Bassiri, “Invention of God”
Runner Up: Kate Buckley
Finalists: Jonathan Rice, Susan Rich, Rae Gouirand, Lauren Smith Traore, Elisa Palido, Harold Bauld, Tua Chaudhuri, Annie S. Doran

The Tobias Wolff Award in Fiction
Final Judge: Ann Pancake

First Place: Edward O’Connell, “The Hunting Horn”
Runner Up: Margarite Landry
Finalists: Nicholas Maistros, Micah Nathan, Jacob Appel, Tom Smith, Donna L. Trump, Meaghan Mulholland, Eugene Cross, Heather Jacobs

The next BR contests will be held December 2008-March, 2009 (judges to be announced).

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