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Art Redux :: Kent Rogowski

I had someone ask about this past blog, which somehow I can no longer find, so I’m reposting it. The art is by Kent Rogowski and is a traveling exhibit called “Bears.” His site has a series of photos guaranteed to creep you out and fascinate you at the same time. Here’s the statement from his website:

Bears, is a series of portraits of the most unusual sort: ordinary teddy bears that have been turned inside out and restuffed. Each animal’s appearance is determined by the necessities of the manufacturing process. Simple patterns and devices never meant to be seen are now prominent physical characteristics, giving each one a distinctly quirky personality: their fasteners become eyes, their seams become scars, and their stuffing creeps out in the most unexpected places. Together these images form a topology of strange yet oddly familiar creatures. They are at once hideous yet cuddly, disturbing yet endearing, absurd yet adorable, while offering a metaphor for us all to consider. These bears, which have lived and loved and lost as much as their owners, have suffered and endured through it all. It is by virtue of revealing their inner core might we better understand our own.”

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