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Able Muse Write Prize Winners 2011

The Winter 2011 issue of Able Muse includes winners and finalists for its 2011 Write Prize contest:

Write Prize for Fiction – Final Judge: Alan Cheuse
Winner: Douglas Campbell – “Sunflowers, Rivers”

Write Prize for Poetry – Final Judge: Rachel Hadas
Winner: Jean L. Kreiling – “Waiting for a Helicopter”
Second: Susan McLean – “Teaching to the Test”
Finalists: John Beaton – “Your Voice”; Catherine Chandler – “This Dusky Arc”; T.S. Kerrigan – “Missing the Sunset at Sounion”; Joshua Lavender – “The Guest”; Gabriel Spera – “Bread and Fish”; Richard Wakefield – “Crossing”

An additional list of poetry honorable mentions can be found on the publication website.

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