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2014 Raymond Carver Contest Winners

carve-n9-fall-2014The latest issue of Carve features the winners of the 15th annual Raymond Carver Contest. This year, author Aimee Bender was the guest judge. “Bender’s inspiring stories showed me how exciting and powerful the short story form can be if you just play with the words andi mages and rhythms the right way,” writes Editor-in-Chief Matthew Limpede. “It is truly an honor that she accepted our invitation to guest judge.”

First Place
“Safe, Somewhere” by Baird Harper
From Aimee Bender: “Loved how this story was weird in such a quiet way… That lurking sense of menace that people connect to Carver is very real here. Well-written and distinct unto itself.”

Second Place
“The Snow Children” by Wendy Oleson
From Aimee Bender: “An open and lively child’s voice and a fluid feel to the prose—taking on big issues through the bewilderment and sensitivity of a kid’s point of view.”

Third Place
“Martha and Other Anomalies” by Kerrin Piché Serna
From Aimee Bender: “Captures well Martha’s feelings of returning new and different into a world that is not sure about what to do with her.”

Editor’s Choice (Kristin S. Vannamen)
“Cantaloupe” by Karen Loeb
From the editors: “Karen’s story, ‘Cantaloupe,’ takes a simple piece of fruit and infuses it with rich meaning against the backdrop of Japanese culture.”

Editor’s Choice (Matthew Limpede)
“Entra’acte” by Mark Connelly

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