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The Carolina Quarterly

About The Carolina Quarterly: The Carolina Quarterly has been habitually nascent since 1948. Edited by graduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill, we welcome work by established writers and the soon-to-be.

Contact Information:

510 Greenlaw Hall, CB# 3520

UNC-Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Phone: (919) 408-7786



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: 9/1-4/30 Response time: 4 Months Payment: 2 copies Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 0008-6797 Founded: 1948 Issues per year: 3 Copy price: $9 Average pages: 112 Sample price (postpaid): $6 Subscription (Ind) 1 year: $24 Subscription (Inst) 1 year: $30

Publisher’s description: The history of the journal that was to become The Carolina Quarterly stretches back to 1844. Published under its current title since 1948, CQ has long been a home for the works of up-and-coming authors who soon establish themselves as significant voices in the American literary landscape, including A. R. Ammons, T. C. Boyle, Raymond Carver, Don DeLillo, Annie Dillard, Louise Erdrich, Ha Jin, Denis Johnson, Denise Levertov, Joyce Carol Oates, and Lee Smith. Works published in The Carolina Quarterly have appeared in New Stories from the South, Best of the South, Poetry Daily, O. Henry Prize Stories, The Pushcart Prizes, and Best American Short Stories.

The Carolina Quarterly publishes poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews three times a year. Our staff of graduate and undergraduate students gives careful attention to every submission. Beyond the over 1000 copies sent to subscribers around the world, free online access to our issues is available to every UNC-Chapel Hill student (30,000 potential readers).

Recent issues have featured James Gordon Bennett, Megan Mayhew Bergman, William Virgil Davis, Aaron Gwyn, K.A. Hays, Cary Holladay, Caitlin Horrocks, Valerie Sayers, Joan I. Seigel, George Singleton, Matthew Volmer, G.C. Waldrep, Theordore Worozbyt, Robert Wrigley, and more.

Recent issues:

Winter 2013: In Walter B. Thompson’s “Love Song,” a country singer hits on the inspiration for his break-out song - but the tune is always one swig of whiskey away. Mariko Nagai’s “Imports, Japan: Women, 1887-1908” investigates the diaries and archival records of Japanese women sold as sex workers in the Pacific Northwest. Austen Leah Rosenfeld gives us a dramatic monologue by Meriweather Lewis. And Myriam Dion’s art explores the line between medium and message, disposable and displayable, by transforming newsprint into fragile embroidery. All this, plus: Peter Balakian, Kathleen Hellen, Philip Holden, A. Nicole Kelly, Brandon Kreig, Doug Ramspeck, and more.

Snakes, iguanas, alligators, and other reptilian creatures slither across the cover and pages of the Fall 2013 issue. Olaf Hajek’s cover image frames the issue’s theme of forbidden knowledge. Aaron App opens with a sensuous, unsettling meditation on the joys and bowel-rending shames of gluttony. Manuel Martinez’ characters inhabit a transient, unstable happiness, fueled by the questions they leave unasked, and unanswered. And David Koehn’s poem reminds us “The issue is that your diction and phrasing indicates /A disdain, real or perceived, for your own desires.” All this, plus: Brandon Amico, Leslie Bazzett, Lizzie Harris, Dave Hardin, and more.

2013 marks CQ’s 65th year of publication. To celebrate, the Spring 2013 issue features a complete redesign, with a crisp interior layout and sharp new cover. The issue includes an interview with Mary Karr, Marc Berely’s tale of a best friend who brandishes butter knives and reeks of “hurt animal,” plus Matthew Gavin Frank’s state-by-state elegy for his father and Leonid Tishkov’s photographic series “Private Moon.” Also: Rebecca Bagget, John F. Buckley, Sarah Carey, Jack Christian, Eli Connaughton, Krystin Gollihue, Aaron Hamburger, Suzanne Marie Hopcroft, Dale Roche-Lebrec, Michael Martin, Corinna Rosendhal, Elliot Sanders, Russel Swensen, Geminia Wahhaj, and more.


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