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The Bitter Oleander

A Magazine of Contemporary International Poetry & Short Fiction

About The Bitter Oleander: The Bitter Oleander endeavors to publish imaginative poetry, short fiction, interviews, essays & translations of living poets from every corner of the world.

Contact Information:

4983 Tall Oaks Drive

Fayetteville, NY  13066-9776

Phone: (315) 637-3047



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: 8/1-6/30 Response time: 1 month Payment: no Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 1087-8483 Founded: 1974 Issues per year: 2 Distributors: Ingram Average pages: 128 Sample copy (postpaid): $10 Copy Price: $10 Subscription (Ind): $18 Subscription (Inst): $15

Publisher’s Description: The Bitter Oleander is a biannually published journal of contemporary poetry and short fiction. Although it publishes mostly domestic poetry, its primary focus continues to be on poetry in translation with a particular concentration on the imaginative creation of language from a very individualized perception. It has had work represented in the Best American Poetry (1999) and recognized as Best Literary Journal (2005) through Public Radio’s "Excellence in Print" award 

SPECIALTY: Each issue contains a featured poet which includes a large selection of his or her poetry as well as an in-depth interview with editor Paul B. Roth. Since a great deal of emphasis is on contemporary poetry written outside the U.S., TBO has interviewed such poets as Marjorie Agosín (Chile), Ruxandra Cesereanu (Romania), Alberto Blanco (Mexico), Nicomedes Suaréz-Araúz (Bolivia), Ye Chun (Chinese), Aase Berg (Swedish), Martín Camps (Mexico). It has also published the work of such award winning American poets as W.S. Merwin, Robert Bly, Charles Wright, Duane Locke, Colette Inez, Alan Britt, Silvia Scheibli, Ray Gonzalez, Christine Boyka Kluge, and Anthony Seidman.

The Bitter Oleander is the epitome representation, and the vividly idealized lodestone of the heights a periodical can achieve within the alternative small press. The thought clarity is brilliant... excellence is the noticeable reoccurring rhythm woven throughout the tapestry of this work.” — Joyce Metzger (Small Press Review)

Recent issues:

Our 40th issue (20.1) features the wonderfully inspiring poetry of Patty Dickson Pieczka along with an extensive interview about her work. Also included in this issue are translations from the poetry of Karl Krolow (Germany), Mikeas Sánchez (Mexico/Zoque), Kazuko Shiraishi (Japan), Alberto Blanco (Mexico), Salgado Maranhão (Brazil), Pierre Chappuis (Switzerland), Amélie Olaiz (Mexico), Esther Dischereit (Germany), Philippe Rahmy (Switzerland), Salvador Novo (Mexico), and George Vulturescu (Romania). Accompanying these translations are short fiction pieces by Tim Miller, Jean-Luc Beaudry, H.E. Francis, Lenny Levine, and Jason Lee Brown. Other contributors of poetry include Marilyn McCabe, Rob Cook, Teresa Peipins, Matt Sumpter, Lisa D. Schmidt, Lara Gularte, John Gosslee, Christien Gholson, Peter Leight, Rich Ives, Anthony Seidman, Duane Locke, George Kalamaras, Alan Britt, Ray Gonzalez, Shawn Fawson, and Ray Keifetz.

Our 38th issue (19.2) features the incomparable poetry and a more than poetic interview with Sean Thomas Dougherty. Surrounding this feature are new pieces of short fiction by Jane Arnold, Anders Benson, Martín Camps, Trisha Cowen and, from Spain, translated by H.E. Francis, another story by Norberto Luis Romero. Poetry translations in this issue come from Károly Bari (Hungary) translated by Paul Sohar; Astrid Cabral (Brazil) translated by Alexis Levitin; Martín Camps (Mexico) translated by Anthony Seidman; Pierre Chappuis (Switzerland) translated by John Taylor; Jorge Ortega (Mexico) and Roberto Castillo Udiarte (Mexico) both translated by Anthony Seidman. As always, there is plenty of original poetry.

This issue (19.1) features the multi-talented Faroese poet and artist Tóroddur Poulsen translated by Randi Ward. Accompanied by a bilingual selection of his current poems, are reflections and the impact of Faroese society on his work. Complimenting this feature are translations from the poetry of Karl Krolow (Germany), Lorenzo Calogero (Italy), Ernst Halter (Switzerland), Eugenia Toledo (Chile), Sara Uribe (Mexico), Carmen Váscones (Ecuador) and Yang Chian (China). Original poetry by Alan Britt, Rob Cook, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Rich Ives, Shannon Salter, Anthony Seidman, Duane Locke, and new short fiction by Nicole Bell, John Robinson, Brandi Wells and the Mexican writer Donají Olmedo.


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