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Magazine Stand :: Off the Coast – Summer 2022

Off the Coast Summer 2022 issue of poetry and art cover image

The biannual online journal of poetry and art, Off the Coast means to provide a space for diverse and marginalized voices. This issue takes its name, “To the Forest Between Trees” from a line in Laura King’s poem “Not the World I Was Born Into,” combined with art by Dylan LaVallee to create the cover. Other works included in this issue come from Diana Donovan, Mary Ann Larkin, Hannah Grady, Elder Gideon, Becky Kennedy, Laura Schulkind, Mike Cohen, Joel Ferdon, Joel Fry, Kathleen Gunton, Simon Perchik, James Miller, Laura Schulkind, Russell Rowland, Margaret B. Ingraham, James Dewey, David McCann, Judith Fox, M. Nasorri Pavone, and a translation from Ivan de Monbrison.

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