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Literary Bohemian Sampler

literary bohemianLiterary Bohemian online literary magazine offers readers “travel-inspired writing,” which is a broad invitation to writers. Below is a sampling of three poems from the most recent issue, well worth the travel of clicking your mouse to go read the rest of each along with other poetry and prose.

Thessaloniki, Four a.m.
by Anastasia Vassos

Here they dance with arms raised above their heads
while their legs sink deep in the dusty earth, describing

the arc of some forgotten journey. The middle
of the body suspended like a question.

. . .

Night Becomes Day Over the West
by Megan Foley

These ridiculous, Christ-eyed hares,
projected once or twice through headlights,
wet the highways outside Helena, Montana.

. . .

Fear in Kenya
by Kristina Pfleegor
(after Dorianne Laux)

We were afraid that the ferry across the Mombasa Channel—rusty, overfilled—
would sink on our daily commute to school. We were afraid of growing up,
losing letters in the mail, broken tree branches, thorns in our feet, chiggers,
bees, sea urchins, jellyfish, sharks, riptides, spiders, spitting cobras,
tsetse flies, baboon bites, lice, electric fences, hippos, elephants sitting on our cars,
cockroaches flying into our eyes, geckos jumping off the walls.

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