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Jewish Fiction.net Celebrates 5 Years

nora-goldJewish Fiction.net celebrates five years as “the only English-language journal in the world (in print or online) devoted exclusively to publishing Jewish fiction.” Fiction.net was formed to showcase the finest contemporary writing on Jewish themes (either written in, or translated into, English), and to provide an online community for writers and readers of Jewish fiction from around the world. Editor Dr. Nora Gold writes, “I see this journal as a means to bring together in one place first-rate Jewish fiction from many different countries, thus allowing us all to experience simultaneously the rich diversity that exists within Jewish culture and the core elements that unite us. . . Jewish fiction is important not just for its literary value, but because it tells the stories of our people, a legacy for generations to come.”

The most recent issue features 24 authors, among them: Ayelet Shamir, Rivkie Fried, György Spiró, Grigory Kanovich, María Gabriela Mizraje, Robert Sachs, Susan Breall, Frederick Nenner, Stephanie Friedman, Scott Nadelson, Yona Zeldis, and Elizabeth Edelglass.
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