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Strong Words for a Polite Nation

About subTerrain: subTerrain Magazine publishes writers from the other side of the tracks. Each issue features progressive and sometimes controversial writing, alongside timely book reviews and contemporary visual art.

Contact Information:

Editors: Brian Kaufman

P.O. Box 3008, Main Post Office

Vancouver, BC  V6B 3X5  Canada

Phone: (604) 876-8710

Email: subter[at]portal[dot]ca


Submission/Subscription Information:

Genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, artwork

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: year-round Response time: 2-4 months Payment: yes (see website) Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 0840-7533 Founded: 1988 Issues per year: 3 Distributors: Magazines Canada (Can) IPD/Source Interlink (US) Copy price: $7 (in U.S.), $8 (in Canada) Average pages: 68 Subscription (ind) 1 year: $18 Subscription (inst) 1 year: $24

Publisher's description: subTerrain Magazine publishes contemporary and sometimes controversial fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and visual art. Every issue also features author interviews, indie publisher profiles, timely commentary, and small-press book reviews. Praised by both writers and readers for featuring work that might not find a home in more conservative periodicals, subTerrain seeks to expand the definition of literary and artistic culture by showcasing the best in progressive writing and ideas.

“like a blast of pure fire from the furnace of humanity!”
—Shann Ray, Spokane, WA.

“It could best be described as ‘unafraid’ and as a result has some interesting surprises.”
—the blog Canadian Magazines

“One of Canada’s most vibrant literary magazines.”
Toronto Star

With each new issue, subTerrain charts the literary topography and brings some of the best new writing to your door. You’ll come to expect that of us.


Recent Issues:

subTerrain #66 (This Carnival Life) features new fiction from Brock Peters, Martin West, Dina Lyuber, Gary Barwin, Sandra Alland, and Jordan Turner; poetry from Amber McMillan, Terry Trowbridge, klipschutz and Jen Currin; commentary from Peter Babiak, Karl Siegler, Brian Palmu and Matt Hern; plus the winning entries in the 2013 Lush Triumphant Literary Awards: Janet Trull (Fiction), Connor Doyle (Poetry) and Aaron Chan (Creative Nonfiction) and a fresh batch of discerning reviews of new books by Lynn Coady, Michael Blouin, Peter Culley, Lorraine York, Slavoj Zizek, Sarah Liss, Stephanie Dickinson, Russell Thornton and Mark Leiren-Young.

subTerrain #65 (25th Anniversary Issue!) features new fiction from Elaine McCluskey, George Bowering, Yasuko Thanh, Grant Buday, Heidi Greco, Craig Davidson, Mark Anthony Jarman, Jon Taylor, and Elizabeth Ledwosinska; poetry from Dennis E. Bolen, Tammy Armstrong, George Stanley, Joanna Lilley and Jeff Steudel; as well as memoirs from Peter Babiak, Jim Oaten, Paul Pitre, Jenn Farrell, Heidi Greco, Tammy Armstrong, Dirk Beck and Brian Kaufman; plus the usual batch of discerning reviews of new books by John Vigna, Marguerite Pigeon, Ian F. Svenonius, Julie Devaney, Anton Piatigorsky, Sean Virgo, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Andrew Faulkner, John Brooke and Jane Silcott.

When we put out a call for submissions for this issue on HEAT, the majority of submissions seemed to take “heat” in the blatantly estrus sense of the word – hot to trot, so to speak. In this issue, readers will see things get unbearably claustrophobic, as in Bonnie Bowman’s “Cabin Fever”;  will explore lust and freedom in Amber Dawn’s “The One Thing That Could Have Kept Me in Fort Erie, Ontario;” and will feel the sweaty intensity of Grant Buday’s “Gate of Fear”.  Check out these writers and more in Issue #64!


last updated 2/24/2014