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About The Straddler: The Straddler is an online interdisciplinary journal of culture, publishing innovative criticism, essays, art, poetry, fiction and interviews, all of which aim to examine and transform their cultural context.

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Editor: Elizabeth Murphy, Dan Monaco



Submission Information:

Format: online Genres: criticism, reviews, essays

Issues per year: 2 Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: yes Reading period: year-round (June - Sept. for poetry) Response time: 4 months Payment: see website Contests: no

Publisher's Description: The Straddler is an interdisciplinary organization founded in 2007 with the intent of examining and transforming contemporary culture. Our magazine, The Straddler, is published twice per year. Looking as much to the past as to the present for insights into an age where repetition and cultural diminishment are the norm, The Straddler seeks to sift through illuminated bits of Western and American culture. Pieced together, we believe these fragments offer images of the potential for a more dignified cultural future.

The Straddler’s contributors have included economist James Kenneth Galbraith (The Predator State, Inequality and Instability); journalist, novelist, and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Peter Davis (Hearts and Minds); economic historian James Kwak (13 Bankers, White House Burning); theologian Richard Liddy (Startling Strangeness: Reading Lonergan’s Insight); poet Fanny Howe (The Winter Sun); composer Yoav Gal (Mosheh); scholar Bonnie Costello (The Selected Letters of Marianne Moore; Planets on Tables: Poetry, Still Life and the Turning World); architectural historian Kazys Varnelis (Blue Monday: Stories of Absurd Realities and Natural Philosophies), and editor and author Lewis Lapham (Harper's; Lapham's Quarterly).

Recent issues:

Winter 2014: The Habit of Freedom: on being adequate to the problem. Seeing Surveillance: in conversation with Kazys Varnelis and Trevor Paglen. The Drone Problem: in conversation with Micah Zenko of the Council on Foreign Relations. Bergman in ‘68: Alison Kozberg on the disaster narrative suited to our time. Marches of Nations: As the centenary of the WWI Christmas Truces approaches, G.K. Peatling and Elizabeth Murphy look at how “the limits of mainstream historiography appear to have assisted a renewal of militarism in British society.” War Veterans Telling Stories about War: in conversation with J.A. Moad, II. “Unfinished Revolutions”: Revising Paul Goodman’s Growing up Absurd: In conversation with Taylor Stoehr. Poetry by Fanny Howe and Taylor Stoehr. Thinking Through the Savage Machinery: Dan Monaco on Peter Temin and Economic Crises.

Summer 2013, Memorial and Monument: pieces from James Wrona and Elizabeth Murphy, Dan Monaco, Ilya Kliger, Michael Pepl, G. K. Peatling, Charles Weld, Michael Ruby, and Simon Perchik, plus conversations with Henry Wlencek and Kim Ghattas.

The winter2013 issue features James Kenneth Galbraith on muddling towards the next crisis; Trevor Paglen on black sites, secrecy, and “The Last Pictures”; Poetry by Dell Lemmon, Frederick Speers, and Nathan Gunsch; “Proper English as Monument” by Josh Lederman; comic fiction by Eddie Lombardi and Todd Pate; Daniel Schensul on counterfactuals and commentary; and James Comerford and Dan Monaco on Barack Obama as the consultant we deserve.


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