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About Lalitamba: Lalitamba is an international journal of writings for liberation.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 131

Planetarium Station

New York, New York  10024

Phone: (212) 873-0140



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes (with notice) Email submissions: no Reading period: year-round Response time: 2-3 months Payment: 2 copies Contests: no ISSN: 1930-0662 Founded: 2004 Issues per year: 1 Distributors: EBSCO, Baker & Taylor, Ingram Periodicals Copy price: $12 Average pages: 200 Sample price (postpaid): $12 Subscription 1 year: $10

Publisher’s description: Lalitamba is a journal for liberation. The magazine is published annually in New York City, by Chintamani Books.

Lalitamba publishes established and emerging writers. Contributors have been included in the Best American series, written award-winning novels, and received NEA grants. We have also been known to discover new authors, and to publish the writings of people who are homeless or in prison. These are the mystics of our time. Their messages are gritty yet uplifting. They challenge the reader to expand, as well as to open to the beauty within.

The journal includes fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, translation, and art.

Lalitamba was inspired by a pilgrimage through India. In early 2004, we traveled from village to village, seeking to alleviate the sorrows that come with poverty, illness, and plain loss of hope. The name of the journal was inspired by a devotional song sung in the evenings, “Lalitamba, Lalitamba.” The name Lalitamba means Divine Mother.


last updated 12/18/2013