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Contemporary Poetry and Poetics

About FIELD: For 40 years FIELD has been celebrated as one of the most stimulating journals of contemporary poetry and poetics in the nation.

Contact Information:

Oberlin College Press

50 N. Professor St.

Oberlin, OH  44074-1091

Phone: (440) 775-8408



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: no Email submissions: no Online Submissions: yes Reading period: 8/1-5/31 Response time: 6-8 weeks Payment: yes (see website) Contests: yes, FIELD Poetry Prize ISSN: 0015-0657 Founded: 1969 Issues per year: 2 Average pages: 100 Sample copy (postpaid): $8 Copy Price: $8 Subscription: $16/1 yr, $28/2 yrs

Publisher’s Description: Since 1969, FIELD: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics has been celebrated as one of the most stimulating poetry journals. FIELD regularly publishes the liveliest American poets, such as Traci Brimhall, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Laura Kasischke, Kevin Prufer, Chris Santiago, and Arthur Sze.

Many contributors to each issue are new to the magazine and are very often poets who have yet to publish a first book. Being firmly committed to an international sense of the poetry scene, FIELD also features translations. Fall issues are prized for their symposia on the work of a featured poet (most recently Muriel Rukeyser and Tomas Tranströmer). Spring issues include essay-length reviews by the editors and invited critics.

Recent issues:

FIELD 90 features poems by Larry Levis, Rebecca Dunham, Mary Ann Samyn, Eric McHenry, Heather Sellers, Kenny Williams, William Aarnes, Jon Loomis, Nicole Walker, Betsy Sholl, Gerald Stern, Karl Krolow (translated by Stuart Friebert), Anna Journey, Mark Wagenaar, Angela Ball, Mark Lunday, Kevin Prufer, and many others, along with reviews of new books by Mary Szybist, A. Van Jordan, Shane McCrae, Mark Wunderlich, Donald Revell, Jennifer Atkinson, and Pablo Neruda.

FIELD 89 celebrates the work of Gerald Stern with a symposium of essays by Philip Levine, John Gallaher, Sarah Green, Bob Hicok, Wayne Miller, Joan Larkin, Ross Gay, and Michael Waters. This issue also contains new poetry by Marianne Boruch, Lee Upton, Sandra McPherson, Philip Metres, Cynthia Cruz, Emmanuel Moses, David Hernandez, Janice Harrington, Sonja James, Hugh Martin, Leah Falk, Maggie MK Hess, Steven Cramer, Jennifer Atkinson, Mary Cisper, Dennis Schmitz, Amit Majmudar, Ben Purkert, Christina Pugh, David Baker, Sarah Estes, Rebecca Hoogs, Elizabeth Breese, Catherine Bull, Shelley Puhak, and D. Nurkse.

FIELD 88 features poems by Joseph Campana, Erin Malone, Heather Sellers, Ralph Burns, Frannie Lindsay, Richie Hofmann, Elton Glaser, Richard Robbins, Sylva Fischerova, Arthur Sze, Emily Vizzo, G.C. Waldrep, Bruce Beasley, Sandra McPherson, Ray Amorosi, Edoardo Sanguineti, Mark Neely, Lindsay Turner, Angela Ball, Anna Journey, Angie Estes, John Gallaher, and many others, as well as reviews of new books by Yves Bonnefoy, Evelyn Reilly, Andrew Feld, and Steven Cramer, and a review-essay on the art of translation.


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