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The Cape Rock

A Gathering of Poets

About The Cape Rock: Our mission is to print the best poetry: any style, format, or subject matter.

Contact Information:

One University Plaza, MS 2650

Southeast Missouri State University Press

Cape Girardeau, MO  63701

Phone : (573) 651-2044



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Postal submissions: yes Online submissions: no Reading period: year round Response time: 12 weeks Payment: copies Contests: yes ISSN: 0146-2199 Founded: 1964 Issues per year: 2 Distributors: SWETS, EBSCO Copy price: $6/postage Average pages: 60 Sample price (postpaid): $6/postage Subscription (Ind) 1 year: $10 postpaid (US); $14 postpaid (foreign) Subscription (Inst) 1 year: $10 postpaid

Publisher’s Description: One of the longest-running literary journals, The Cape Rock publishes excellent poetry from both established and emerging poets. We appreciate poems that take the Dickinsonian top of your head off, show skill with poetic devices, risk new visions, and employ surprising but effective wordplay. All rights revert to the author upon publication.

Recent contributors include Kevin Stein, Leslie Ullman, James Crews, Mary Crow, Angie Macri, Dick Allen, Bern Mulvey, Jeff Gundy, and Malaika Favorite. The Cape Rock hosts the annual Vern Cowles $1,000 Prize for a Trinity of Poems.

Recent Issues:

The Spring 2014 issue features poems by M. Shahid Alam, Carl Auerbach, Michael Biehl, Robert Brickhouse, Linda Jackson Collins, James Crews, Richard Dinges Jr., Keith Dunlap, Emily Eddins, Myron Ernst, David Gross, Lynn Hoggard, Jean Hollander, Kevin Honold, William Jolliff, Cindy King, Robert Lunday, Mary Makofske, Bray McDonald, John McKernan, Jesse Minkert, Greg Moglia, Steve Myers, Stanley M. Noah, Korkut Onaran, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Robert L. Penick, Stephen Reilly, Joan Roberta Ryan, Hal Sirowitz, William Snyder Jr., Judith Sornberger, Kelly Talbot, Carisa Valle, Patrice Warrender, and Susan Wheatley.

The Fall 2013 issue with poetry by Lucy Adkins, M. Shahid Alam, C.D. Albin, Keith Alexander, Jeffrey C. Alfier, Jody Azzouni, Mark Belair, Debbie Benson, Don Boes, Dorothy Duncan Burris, Noel Conneely, Larry Crist, Jamie Donohoe, Carol Hamilton, Len Krisak, John P. Kristofco, Karl Krolow, V.P. Loggins, Goerge Looney, Joanne Lowery, Peter Marcus, David McAleavey, Sandy McCord, Laura McCoy, Steve Pelcman, Marjorie Power, Donna Pucciani, Elizabeth Rees, Heather Rick, Michael Salcman, Richard Spilman, Larry Starzec, Carolyn Steinhoff, Robert Joe Stout, Daniel James Sundahl, Wally Swist, Kelly Talbot, Sally Van Doren, and Mark Vogel.

The Cape Rock: Poetry will be fifty years old in 2014. Included in the current issue (Spring 2013) are Wally Swist, William Greenway, Don Kunz, Gaylord Brewer, Ken Haas, Gina Williams, Kendall Dunkelberg, Lex Runciman, Susan Kelly-Dewitt, Gary Metheny, Guy Beining, Chris Souza, Mark DeFoe, Elizabeth Rees, William Snyder Jr., Phillip Sterling, Daniel W.K. Lee, Stephen Germic, Deborah Bacharach, Lisa C. Krueger, Russell Rowland, Paul Benton, Gail Hosking, Robert King, Lana Ghannam, Elena Lelia Radulescu, Ron Salisbury, Devon Miller–Duggan, C.W. Emerson, Alan Britt, Edward Dougherty, Ralph Pennel, Dale Ritterbusch, D. James Smith, John Paul O’Connor, Arthur Plotnik, and David Lipsitz.


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