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About Aufgabe: Publishes emerging and established writers of innovative poetry. Each issue presents a special guest edited section of poetry in translation alongside new American poetry, essays, reviews & talks.

Contact Information:

925 Bergen St., Suite 405

Brooklyn, New York  11238

Email: info[at]litmuspress[dot]org


Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: see website Response time: 3-6 months Payment: no Contests: no ISSN: 1532-5539 Founded: 2001 Issues per year: 1 Distributors: Small Press Distribution Copy Price: $15 Subscription (Ind): $25/2 issues Subscription (Inst): $50/2 issues

Publisher’s Description: Since its founding in 2001, Aufgabe has published a range of established, young and emerging writers, with an emphasis on experimental and innovative poetry.

In addition to new American poetry, essays, reviews, and talks, each issue of Aufgabe features a guest edited section of poetry in translation. Aufgabe has featured translations and special sections edited by Norma Cole (Covers and contents of an array of French poetry mags), Rosmarie Waldrop (German poetry), Jen Hofer (Mexican poetry), Sawako Nakayasu (Japanese poetry), Guy Bennett and Jalal El-Hakmaoui (Moroccan poetry), Ray Bianchi (Brazilian poetry), Jennifer Scappettone (Italian poetry), Matvei Yankelevich (Russian poetry), Mark Tardi and Laura Moriarty (Polish poetry), Cole Swensen (French poetry), and Christian Nagler (Salvadoran poetry).

Aufgabe is committed to poetic interaction and dialogue not only within our small communities at home, but also, through the dynamic process of translation, across international boundaries.

Recent issues:

Issue 12 features poetry in translation from Quebec, guest edited by Oana Avasilichioaei. The issue includes Emily Abendroth, Dorothy Albertini, Martine Audet, James Belflower, Daniel Canty, Nicholas DeBoer, Laressa Dickey, Mark Dickinson, Claire Donato, C. Violet Eaton, Pierre Joris, Edric Mesmer, Rusty Morrison, Cole Swensen, and more.

Issue 11 features Salvadoran poetry guest edited by Christian Nagler plus poetry by Simone White, Debrah Morkun, Sean Labrador y Manzano, Filip Marinovich, Crow Jane, Hung Q. Tu, Rodney Koeneke, and more; with essays, notes, and reviews by Ammiel Alacalay, Carley Moore, Ariel Goldberg, Marcus Civin, Noah Eli Gordon, Laynie Brown, and more.


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