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About Arcadia: Arcadia wants your best. Fiction, poetry, painting, photograph, stand-up comedy routine, mockumentary, whatever. We want to see it, read it, hear it, and love it.

Contact Information:

Editor: Chase Dearinger

9616 Nichols Rd

Oklahoma City, OK 73120



Submission/Subscription Information:

Format: Print Genres: fiction, poetry, drama, art Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: year-round Response time: 3-6 months Payment: yes (see website) Contest: yes (see website) ISSN: 2161-5993 Issues per year: 4 Copy price: $10 Average pages: 100 Subscriptions (Ind/Inst) 1 year: $25

Publisher's description: Based in Oklahoma City, Arcadia has published eclectic art and literature since 2009. We publish a one-of-a-kind quarterly format consisting of magazine issues in the fall and spring and poetry and fiction chapbooks in the winter and summer. We seek and publish the best, no matter what form that comes in: short story, poem, painting, photograph, stand-up comedy routine, album, short film, mockumentary, epic poem about the Dukes of Hazzard, we don’t care. We want to see it, read it, hear it, and love it. We accept submissions all year and run contests in both fiction and poetry chapbooks and the short story.

Recent Issues:

Volume 7: Benjamin Reed guest edits our first ever themed issue on the post-traumatic. Inside you’ll find a photo essay by photographer Aubrey Edwards, who looks closely at Rock, a Vietnam veteran and post-colonial warrior living in New Orleans. You’ll also find great fiction, poetry, and nonfiction covering a wide range of traumas, whether war, car accidents, or brutal relationships. We’ve got a fine lineup of writers, all of them trying to cope.


last updated 7/21/2014