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A magazine of news and comment about events, people and communities in the less-developed regions of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Pacific islands.

Publisher’s Description: WorldView gives American readers opinion, essays and correspondence from parts of the world under-reported by mainstream U.S. media. The magazine, published for 17 years by the National Peace Corps Association, gives voice to the rest of the world, reporting before the coups and after the earthquakes. We publish indigenous writers, relief and development workers and Peace Corps volunteers who live and work in rural and urban communities in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific islands.

Our correspondence focuses on local issues: internet marriage in Taza, Morocco; voting in Tsetserleg, Mongolia; poor school conditions in madrassahs in southern Thailand; a medical practice in Havana; the end of female genital cutting in Senegal; rehabbing boy soldiers in Sierra Leone; a murder trial on Tonga; Paul Theroux hitch-hiking in Ethiopia; and Peter Hessler teaching in China. Departments offer Book Reviews from small publishers, Fiction, brief Dispatches and Galleries of international works in U.S. museums and new photographic portfolios. Commentaries include the impact of U.S. remittances on Latin American, the plight of the Marsh Arabs on the Euphrates, rethinking the Peace Corps, neglecting the Darfur crisis and obsessing in Spanish, English & Guarani.