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Tricycle: The Buddhist Review is an internationally distributed mainstream quarterly dedicated to exploring the full range of Buddhist activity and its impact on American culture.

Publisher’s Description: Tricycle takes a new look at our world from a Buddhist perspective. But it doesn’t offer you Buddhist clichés. Asking bold questions is what Tricycle is all about. We welcome doubt.

In Tricycle you’ll learn how to calm your mind and open your heart—and significantly reduce your level of stress! You’ll read Pema Chodron on living guiltlessly in a guilt-ridden culture, and Nobel Prize nominee and Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh on individual transformation and social action.

Tricycle is not just inspirational, it’s also practical. We bring you a living wisdom tradition that is relevant to who you are and where you are now–at work, with the kids, retired or in school, facing death or dealing with life. You’ll get hands-on advice from the Dalai Lama on turning anger into patience and learn from Jon Kabat-Zinn how meditation can improve your health. You’ll find that ancient wisdom has modern relevance in navigating your day-to-day life.

How can the past enrich your present? And can we imbue contemporary life with meaning? In Tricycle, you’ll learn to walk the middle path with the likes of some of today’s most original thinkers.

Within the Buddhist guidelines of wisdom and compassion, the teachers, scholars and lay practitioners who contribute to Tricycle offer practical, spiritual and emotional guidance through thick and thin.