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Mother Jones magazine, is a non-profit, investigative reporting publication dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the spin. Get Real News. Get Mother Jones.

Publisher’s Description: Mother Jones’ founders envisioned a publication devoted to a new brand of socially conscious journalism – one that took on corporate as well as political power. With the publishing of the first Mother Jones magazine in 1976, this mission to produce revelatory journalism that in its power and reach seeks to inform and inspire a more just and democratic world, remains as timely as ever.

Mother Jones magazine provides award-winning, investigative reporting that exposes political, social, corporate and environmental injustices throughout the world. With renowned writers and photographers, Mother Jones produces original reporting you won’t find anywhere else. It’s thought-provoking, myth-debunking, muck-raking, truth-telling, non-conforming, non-profit, hell-raising journalism….and after nearly 30 years, it is just getting warmed up.

Not just a magazine, Mother Jones is also home to the Webby Award-winning motherjones.com, and is proud to announce the recent launch of Mother Jones Radio on Air America. With its stronghold in so many news mediums, Mother Jones is working hard to set the standard for the qualified dissemination of information to the public.

While the world has changed vastly over the years, the magazine’s values have remained constant. Proudly printed on recycled, processed chlorine-free paper and using soy-based ink, Mother Jones magazine is just good journalism.