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A quarterly magazine to inform and inspire Hindus and people interested in Hindu philosophy, culture and practices such as yoga, meditation, vegetarianism and alternative medicine.

Publisher’s Description: This international magazine explores traditional Hindu values with profound insight into modern life. You’ll find informative articles relating to yoga, vegetarianism, meditation, nonviolence, environmental ethics and family life.

Hinduism Today brings you reports from Hindu communities around the world, plus news and biographies, lavish photographs, beautiful art work, humor, letters from readers all over the world, and much more.

Relevant issues such as religion in a modern context, Hindu customs, lifestyle decisions, astrology, health and history are all explored. These issues are addressed through varied traditions of Indian spirituality, immersing readers in a fascinating, little-known global community. Published by Himalayan Academy, Hinduism Today is a public service of a small monastic community based in Hawaii.

Interesting for many but especially for Hindus everywhere and all those who are drawn to Hinduism.