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The Funny Times is a monthly humor newspaper featuring the best of recent cartoons and humor pieces on politics and culture.

Publisher’s Description: The Funny Times is America’s longest running, ad-free humor publication. Every month, the editors collect the very best cartoons, columns and essays to offer them all in one place in a newspaper format. Each issue is a thought –provoking distillation of the most recent news, political foibles, media fixations, and modern madness. The Washington Post calls Funny Times, the “one (magazine) absolutely essential to understanding the human condition in this postmodern era.”

The Funny Times contributors come from many different areas of the American humor scene and range from talented newcomers to writers like Dave Barry, Molly Ivins, Andy Borowitz and cartoonists such as Tom Tomorrow, Ted Rall, Nicole Hollander, Bill Griffith, Nina Paley, Matt Groening, and Tom Toles.