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Published by Catholics for a Free Choice. Offers in-depth coverage on issues related to reproductive rights, sexuality and gender, feminism, the Religious Right, women’s rights, church/state issues and US politics.

Publisher’s Description: Conscience readers are policy makers, advocates and activists. They are feminists and religious leaders, writers, academics, ethicists, scholars and lawyers. They are thinkers, iconoclasts and meddlers, and they enjoy upsetting the apple cart (often several times before breakfast). Subscribe today.

  • Faye Wattleton: “Fearless commentary, inspiring, passionate and a unique perspectives on the thought-provoking issues that will define the 21st century.”
  • Marcia Ann Gillespie: “Conscience makes your brain spark. It’s insightful, inspiring, and always challenging readers to think and act!”
  • Angela Bonavoglia: “Conscience is like no other magazine around—pioneering and thorough, it goes where no other magazine goes. Real religion, real analysis, real life—Conscience is in a class by itself.”
  • Marilyn French: “Lively, intelligent, and to the point.”

What will you find in Conscience?

  • Analysis: Experts provide cutting-edge analysis of recent events in politics and public policy, health care, the religious right, the Catholic hierarchy and church reform.
  • News: Leading journalists, advocates and academics keep you up to date on what is happening in international family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention, public policy initiatives and church reform.
  • Leading voices: Contributors include Nobel laureates, parliamentarians, writers and thinkers.