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American Forests is for people from all walks of life, from rural to urban settings, who share an abiding love for trees and forests.

Publisher’s Description: American Forests, in over 100 years of publication, is the magazine of trees and forests for people who know and appreciate the many benefits of trees.

Meet people who are improving their communities through tree planting and environmental action. Learn about the latest technology to improve urban and rural ecosystems. Travel to forests across the country and around the world to learn about the animals that live there and why they rely on trees to survive.

Stories are written to entice a general audience to care about the many benefits trees provide—environmentally, socially, and economically. We take an in-depth look at current topics and controversies, offer practical stories on current research, and feature stories about majestic national champion trees. The National Register of Big Trees is included biennially as part of American Forests magazine.

American Forests is published by AMERICAN FORESTS, the country’s oldest national conservation group.