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Bimonthly magazine featuring lively coverage and dialogue on movements for global justice, with special focus on labor rights and union democracy, feminism and antiwar activism.

Publisher’s Description: Against the Current features the writing of activists from movements for social and global justice, as well as politically engaged scholars of the left. The magazine’s focus is coverage and dialogue on the movements—including labor’s rank and file, feminism, anti-racism, independent politics and antiwar activism in the United States and internationally. We’re covering the Occupy movement, the Arab Spring, the escalating threats of war with Iran, the devastating global environmental crisis, economic turmoil and the wild and wacky world of U.S. politics. The perspective of Against the Current is called “socialism from below”—the vision of a new world without exploiters or exploited, based on the democratic power of working people, the alternative to the current order of “corporate globalization” or the failed bureaucratic tyrannies that destroyed the socialist hopes of the twentieth century.